Solid Oak Cutting Board


Cutting or chopping board made of premium solid white oak.

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Cutting board are a great addition to any kitchen. They make excellent presents and will last for years if looked after. This board is made of solid premium white oak. There are convenient finger holes for ease of handling. Self-adhesive feet have been added to the bottom. This keeps the board off the work surface and allows air to circulate preventing the accumulation of moisture. The board is finished with food safe mineral oil and our own blend of beeswax and mineral oil salve. 

The board is 240mm x 380mm x 40mm.

Board care. It is important to make sure that the board is kept dry. It should be cleaned using only a cool water with soft soap if necessary. It should be wiped dry and allowed to dry completely. If should never be put in the dishwater. The board will retain its good looks by the application of a coating of cutting board conditioner.  

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